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To My Daughter | Happy 17th Birthday Gift | Graphic Leather Journal

To My Daughter | Happy 17th Birthday Gift | Graphic Leather Journal

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Hey there, Dad! Are you struggling to find the perfect gift that will put a smile on your daughter's face on her 17th birthday? Look no further! Introducing the To My Daughter | Happy 17th Birthday Gift | Graphic Leather Journal. This incredible journal is not just any ordinary notebook - it's a gateway to creativity, organization, and a world of endless possibilities.

Imagine your daughter, with her racing mind, trying to keep track of all her thoughts, goals, and dreams. With the Graphic Leather Journal, she can quiet the chaos and find solace in the clean slate it provides. Crafted with vegan leather, it offers a luxurious feel without harming any animals. Now you can gift her something that aligns with her values and showcases your thoughtfulness.

To My Daughter | Happy 17th Birthday Gift | Graphic Leather Journal

Let's talk convenience, Dad. This journal is designed with her busy lifestyle in mind. Its lightweight construction makes it the perfect companion for writing on the go. Whether she's jotting down her aspirations during her morning commute or pouring her heart out during a spontaneous adventure, this journal will always be there by her side.

No need to worry about fumbling through the pages to find her important notes or favorite quotes. The ribbon bookmark keeps everything easily accessible, so she can flip to the right page with just a flick of her finger. And with the elastic closure band, her journal stays securely shut, keeping her secrets safe, and ensuring that she won't lose any of her precious memories.

Graphic Leather Journal

Product specifications: 

  • Vegan leather cover
  • W 5.8" x L 8.5" x ⅝” (14.73cm x 21.59cm x 1.6cm)
  • 100 sheets / 200 lined pages
  • Brown elastic closure band
  • Ribbon bookmark
  • Weight: 11.33 ounces


Don't wait any longer, Dad. Show your daughter just how much you care and believe in her. Gift her the Graphic Leather Journal, and watch as she embarks on her journey of self-discovery and achievement. Grab this marvelous journal now and celebrate her 17th birthday in the most memorable way possible!

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